20 Freezer Meals in 3 Hours


20 freezer meals in 3 hours

With Baby P due in just a few weeks, I am nesting and getting things in order for his arrival.  One of the things on my to-do list was to make some freezer meals to have on hand for dinner.  So my Mom came over, we picked out our recipes, went grocery shopping and got to it!  In the end, we ended up making 20 meals (servings) in just under 3 hours.  Here’s what we made:

Broccoli Pie (doubled the recipe)- 4 meals

This recipe is from my mother-in-law.  Hearty, delicious and super flavorful!

-pie shell
-1 lb ground beef
-1/2 cup onion
-2T flour
-3/4 tsp salt
-1/4 tsp garlic
-3 oz cream cheese
-1 cup milk
-1 egg
-10 oz cooked broccoli (16 oz frozen works)
-2/3 lb monterey jack cheese

Brown and drain ground beef and onion.  Add flour.  Stir in salt, cream cheese and garlic.  Add milk.  Stir until bubble.  Beat egg and add to ground beef mixture.  Stir until thick.  Add broccoli.  Place mixture in unbaked pie shell and cover with sliced cheese.  Add the top crust and seal edges.  Bake at 350 for 45-60 minutes. (If using frozen broccoli, bake for 60-75 minutes).


Taco Chicken- 2 meals

We took a large package of chicken breast and cooked it all.  Once the breasts were cooked through, we did the old trick where you put them in the Kitchenaid mixer and let it go (but not too long!)  Then, I split half of it and seasoned one half with taco seasoning and put it in a freeze proof container.  Will be perfect to throw in tacos!


Chicken Noodle Soup (doubled the recipe)- 6 meals

We used the other half of the chicken breast for the soup.  It’s a classic and WW friendly with 4 points per 2 cup serving.  Recipe is here.

Lasagna Roll Ups- 5 meals

Recipe from the Pioneer Woman here.  I saw her make these on her show and they are great for the freezer!

Pork Chops with Pineapple Fried Rice- 3 meals

Another freezer-friendly recipe from the Pioneer Woman here.

So there you have it- 5 recipes, yielding 20 meals!  It really went fast with two people and a good game plan.  So thankful my Mom was able to help me with this! Now our freezer is stocked up and ready to go so T and I can treat ourselves to some delicious home-cooked meals when Baby P arrives!

Do you have any good freezer recipes?  Share in the comments below!

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Insta-Lately: March Edition


Happy Monday!  Just wanted to share life lately, Instagram-style of course:


Loving my workouts…particularly the 3 mile walks: just me, Baby P and my cankles :-)


Spring has sprung!  My tulips are just starting to sprout, and I put up this Easter bunny on the front door to make things a bit more festive…

Get in my belly, baby!  This baby was so cute that I could eat him (which I did) at a baby shower my coworkers surprised me with!


I have a feeling these tees will be on constant rotation in the near future…they came in the mail over the weekend from Sassy Steals and are on sale for the next couple days.  Check them out! [Team No Sleep version, Sassy Hair Don’t Care version]

And I couldn’t resist sharing a photo of my sweet little Izzy girl.  She’s been getting a lot of snuggles lately…maybe too much?! Nahhhh.

What’s been going on with you lately?  Favorite workout?  Easter decor up?

Week 36 Bump Update


Week 36 Bump Update

How far along are you? At the time of this post, I am at 36 weeks, 3 days.

How big is baby?: According to The Bump app at 36 weeks, Baby P is the size of a honeydew, measuring 17.2 to 18.7 inches and weighing in between 4.2 and 5.8 pounds.  Getting closer and closer to bring able to breathe on his own.  Liver and kidneys are in good working order and circulation and immune systems are basically good to go, too!

Symptoms: Starting to really slow down due to an ever growing bump and feeling pretty tired.  Also have some carpal tunnel issues in my hands, swollen ankles (so much so I had to buy a couple pairs of flats a size up to accommodate my feet!) Also, a little heartburn here and there.  All worth it in the end- nothing I can’t deal with.  Appointments are weekly now, and it’s nice to have the frequent check-ins with the doctors and see how I am progressing!

Sleeping: Not so great anymore- lots of tossing & turning.  Trying to get in naps where I can and take advantage of every moment where I can rest before Baby P arrives!

Cravings/Aversions?  No real aversions come to mind…my appetite is very big these days!  Still loving milk and cereal- Cinnamon Toast Crunch to be exact.  And all the sweets (as usual).

Fears: Hoping labor and delivery go smoothly, but the thought of it does freak me out a bit.  Just trying not to think of the details and realize that it’s totally worth it in the end when you have a baby in your arms!  Also hoping that I have no issues nursing- I really want to do it!

Miss Anything?  I miss being able to run, and even more so, I miss wearing my regular clothes!  I’m starting to wear a few things on constant rotation, and I just feel…round!

Generally Feeling:  Excited…we will be meeting our son in just a few short weeks!  In retrospect, the pregnancy really did go by quickly!  I will have one more “bumpdate” on the blog after this..wow!

Looking Forward To: Meeting our little guy, holding him, loving him, the list goes on! So incredibly excited to see how our family will change for the better once he’s finally here!

What I’ve Been Loving:
-Workouts: still keeping up with 3 mile walks 2-3 times a week, along with a weekly prenatal yoga class and the Tracey Anderson DVD here and there.  Moving around really does help me feel better and ease any back pain, makes me feel more flexible, etc. (Now if only I didn’t have to pee every 15 minutes when I’m walking haha!)  Also, trying to make a conscious effort to sit on the big ball when I’m watching TV just to stretch out a bit, and also commit to some stretching before bedtime to open up my hips, etc.

-Showers galore!  Since my first shower, I’ve had 3 more– one hosted by my mother-in-law, another with my neighbors and a surprise shower with my coworkers. Baby P is already one spoiled little man…so blessed to have such wonderful people supporting us!

-Other prep: only one more class to go in a couple weeks on breastfeeding, also have a car seal install check scheduled.  Izzy got her annual shots/vet appointment and a grooming so she will be nice and ready.  And my Mom recently came over to help me make a bunch of freezer meals to have on hand, too (blog post to come on that!)

Maternity Clothes? Definitely a lot of items on constant repeat, but with spring here, I bought a couple dresses as part of my March clothing budget to get me through at work.  Also stocked up on some nursing/hospital essentials, like this tank and this tank, these bras (the BEST!) and a robe.

Boy or Girl: It’s a BOY!  And I *think* we might have a winner on a name!  Still not 100% committing to it until we meet him, but both T and I really like the name and are saying it out loud a lot…makes it feel so real!

Movement: Lots!  And now that I know he is head down, I know when I am feeling arms versus legs kicking and punching.  Such a fun feeling!

What I did/got for baby:
-hospital bag is packed and ready to go!
– just have a few last updates to go on the nursery, like window treatments, mobile and framed artwork (see here for details)
-T and I have taken Izzy on a couple “practice walks” with the stroller, and she’s done so well!  I feel kinda funny taking am empty stroller around, but whatevs!

Best moment of the week:
Feeling super defined movements, knowing I will be able to meet our little guy so soon!

See the other bump updates here: Week 16 | Week 18 Week 21 | Week 24 | Week 27 | Week 30 | Week 33

And my progress over the past few weeks:

Week 34-35-36

March 2015 Clothing Budget- Maternity Edition


march 2015 clothign

March 2015 clothing maternity budget

March 2015 Clothing Budget- Maternity Edition:
-Tall Modern Skinny Ankle Zip Camo Jeans via Loft: $37.77 including shipping (exact, also currently on sale with additional 40% off: petite modern cut, petite curvy, modern skinny)
-Maternity tee shirt dress via Target: $20  (exact)
-Maternity v-neck tee shirt dress via Target: $20 (exact)
-Maternity long sleeve pullover sweater via Target, currently on clearance: $10 (exact)
-Style&co. Black Pettra Boots via Macy’s: $29.29 including shipping (exact)
-Nude flats via Payless: $20 (exact)

=$137.06 for March (although I earned some blog income and sold items on eBay, so covered my purchases- woo hoo!)

This month, I tried to keep maternity purchases to a minimum, knowing I am in the home stretch!  But I did end up getting a couple spring dresses that I can wear to work and style in a number of ways, along with a lightweight pink sweater.  Those Target items are coming in the mail later today so I hope they fit well!  I also upgraded my black boots, which were in sad shape after the winter and found these lovelies on super clearance ($17.62 before shipping).  And since my feet are starting to swell, I got a pair of nude flats a size bigger than I usually wear to get me through work.

Not included above were a few nursing essentials (this tank and this tank, bra, robe, etc.) that I stocked up on.  I also treated myself to this awesome cosmetic/toiletry case during a surprise sale.  Definitely an upgrade from my previous one, and way more functional. And in terms of sponsored or c/o items, I got this Kate Spade tech wallet from Shopbop.  Perfect for throwing in the baby bag!

As for my spring wishlist, I’ve got my eye on a few things, like a pair of Sperry’s like these, this maxi skirt and this jacket (undecided on color though!)

What kinds of things did you purchase this month?  What’s on your spring wish list?

To view my past clothing budgets, click here.

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Save (and Make) Money with Moxie Jean: Resale for Babies, Kids and Maternity


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Moxie Jean.  I am provided with a commission on any sale generated from my affiliate link.
moxie jean
I’m all about a good deal—especially when it comes to clothes for Baby P and maternity clothes for myself.  Let’s face it- kids grow so fast that they outgrow their clothes very quickly!  And it’s hard to justify paying full price for a brand new maternity wardrobe when you will only be wearing it for 9 months or so.   So what’s a Momma to do?!  I know I don’t want to sacrifice my style (or Baby P’s if we are being honest), but I don’t want to break the bank either…

But that’s where Moxie Jean comes in.  This website is a one-stop resale shop for baby, kids and now maternity clothing!
Launched in 2012, Moxie Jean was voted by moms as the #1 site for online resale with more than tons (I’m talking 40,000+) outfits, separates and shoes in sizes Newborn through 14 and maternity clothing. Moxie Jean’s inventory is all in “like-new” condition and all backed up by a 100% money-back guarantee.

Brands range from Old Navy Baby Gap to Oilily to Hanna Andersson to Tea Collection, Mini Boden and Ralph Lauren to name a few.

And now only can you shop for clothes, you can also sell your kids’ clothes and your maternity wear!  Moxie Jean makes is easy with a free, postage paid Moxie Jean Mailer Bag so you can receive cash, credit or a donation.

Check out their website…it’s very easy to navigate and has great photos (although I wish they offered some photos of the back of the items, but again, if you aren’t satisfied, that’s where the 100% money-back guarantee comes into play, right?!)

moxie jean website

A little more about Moxie Jean:

  • Moxie Jean is a community of moms helping moms. Started by two sisters who are also moms, they run the company the way they would want every company to be run – fairly, transparently, and by donating all unaccepted items to a charity that gives them away to families in need – instead of selling them to recyclers for pennies on the pound like other sites.
  • Moxie Jean has a 9.5/10 rating on Reseller Ratings and thousands of 5 star reviews. They are the most trusted source for high quality, gently used items.
  • You can earn store credit by sending in what your kids (or you!) have outgrown: Moxie Jean makes it super easy to turn outgrown clothes still in great condition into cash.  (One blogger states:  “Within a few days, I received an email from Moxie Jean detailing exactly what they purchased, what they donated and how much I sold. It took about 15 minutes to fill my Moxie Jean bag and I received almost $40 in what I sold. To eliminate confusion, there is a detailed chart that lays out exactly how much they pay for each item. There’s no hoping or guessing, it’s all right there to see.” – The Little Style File)

So there you have it!  I already have my eye on a few things on their website…and they are constantly adding new inventory so it’s fun to check back often!  And how convenient that I don’t have to leave my own home to get some stylish, affordable name brand clothes for me and Baby P?!  It’s a win-win for this Momma to be!

So get to it!  Save (and make) money with Moxie Jean now! >>> #MoxieStyle

Have you ever shopped at Moxie Jean?  Tell me about it in the comments!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Moxie Jean

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My $9 Baseball Tee


*Photos taken at 3o weeks.

Shop the look:
Boots: Aldo (similar, similar, similar)
Jeans: c/o Pink Blush Maternity (exact); also styled here
Baseball tee: J. Crew Factory
Scarf: J. Crew Factory last year, option
Watch: Kate Spade c/o Shopbop

It’s no secret that I love a good deal.  So when I saw Erin post about the J.Crew Factory sale that made this shirt $9, I jumped on it, headed over to Ebates to get even more cash back (hello, free money!), then added it to my cart and got free shipping on top of that.  Boom- that’s how I roll.

This baseball tee clearly isn’t maternity, but I sized up and love how comfortable it is!  Very lightweight (so much so you need a tank under it), but super cute and will be a great layering piece or perfect on its own.

What kind of sales have you found lately?

PS- in other related sales finds, I just treated myself to this super cute (and functional) Kate Spade cosmetic case.  It’s regularly $128 but is part of a surprise sale for $59 until midnight tonight.  They have lots of goodies, so be sure to browse around!  I figured it’s something I will use every day, and will be convenient whenever we take overnight trips so I don’t have to switch everything over to a travel bag.  Nice and big, great compartments and durable- sweet!  I’ll definitely be bringing it to the hospital when it comes time to meet Baby P, too :-)  Just 5 more weeks!

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Finishing Touches on the Nursery


I’ve got a few more finishing touches to go on Baby P’s nursery, and most involve getting crafty.  Just a few last finishing touches and we should be good to go!

1)  Window treatments
Baby boy’s nursery walls are light gray, and there is one accent wall with thick gray and white stripes.  For the window treatments (which will go against a gray wall), we are thinking white curtains (blackout on the reverse) with a single gray stripe to carry it through onto the wall without making it too matchy matchy.  Thankfully, my MIL is helping us out and has a vision for this!

2)  Mobile
Working on a version of this adorable, custom mobile using gray, white, navy and red.  So cute! (Source)

Easy Ombre Paper Mobile made with the #cricutexplore
3) Nursery artwork
There are SO many darling designs out there to choose from, but they can be expensive!  I am going to try to make my own, using some of these as inspiration:

steamp Source

Baby Boy Nursery Art Chevron Elephant Nursery Prints, Baby Nursery Decor Playroom Rules Quote Art,  Kids Wall Art Baby Boys Room,

4) DIY Growth Chart Ruler
I love the idea of tracking Baby P’s growth and seeing these bright fun numbers run up the wall!  Lots of cool options on the color/design of it, too.  And you better believe this is something T is all over…after all, he’s the DIY master!  (Original source, option, option)
This DIY growth chart.

5) Letters for the pegboard
We loved the look of this tool/pegboard and have something similar in the nursery.  Once we decide on a name, I want to get wooden letters in his initials to attach to the board for a pop of color! That said, this will be one of the last things to happen! (Source)

A pegboard is a great organizational tool from nursery to playroom.

And in terms of other baby-related projects, I’ve been pinning a ton of newborn photo ideas…there will be tons of those around the house for sure!

Mommas- how have you decorated your nursery?  Any cute Pinterest finds out there?  Share in the comments- I want to hear about it!

Week 33 Bump Update

Week 31-32-33

Week 33 Bump Update

How far along are you? At the time of this post, I am actually at 34 weeks!

How big is baby?: According to The Bump app at 33 weeks, Baby P is the size of a pineapple, measuring 17.2 to 18.7 inches and weighing in anywhere from 4.2 to 5.8 pounds.  He is keeping his eyes open while awake, and starting to coordinate breathing with sucking and swallowing.

Symptoms: Just generally feeling…bigger.  Much less mobility and definitely pretty tired as I round out the third trimester.  Still experiencing some back pain (but only when I’ve been on my feet a long time).  Noticed some swelling in my fingers the past few days and some carpal tunnel too.  

Sleeping: I’m definitely exhausted by the end of the day.  Work has been crazy busy, trying to get projects in a good place before maternity leave (not to mention my boss and colleague who are also going on mat leave shortly after me.)  Needless to say, days are busy and I sleep HARD.  I love spritzing lavender pillow spray on my BumpNest pillow and generally wake up once (around 4am) to go to the bathroom.

Cravings/Aversions?  Lately, cereal and milk.  Specifically Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Golden Grahams with skim milk.  And strawberry and chocolate milk have also been consumed in large quantities- not gonna lie.

Fears: Our day-long childbirth prep class was last weekend…and it hit me like a ton of bricks.  Kinda terrifying, but such an incredible feat when you think about what our bodies can do to birth a little human miracle!  Regardless, just trying to not think about the details and think about that snuggly baby in my arms at the finish line!  

Miss Anything?  I really do miss running.  I see friends and other bloggers planning out their race schedules, and I want to join in!  The weather is actually spring-like now, so it makes me want to hit the pavement!

Generally Feeling:  Reflective.  I am literally in the home stretch and can’t believe how fast it has gone by.  I am starting to visualize what it will be like to hold the little guy in my arms and what he will look like.

Looking Forward To: We’ve got a jam-packed calendar filled with a few more classes, two more showers, prenatal yoga classes and a shower for a friend from college that lives nearby and is due a week apart from me.  So much great stuff on the horizon!

What I’ve Been Loving: That I’ve still been able to workout 5-6 days a week.  I generally walk 3 miles/3 days a week, do my prenatal Tracey Anderson DVD once or twice a week, and prenatal yoga class.  Really keeps me feeling flexible, energetic and healthy!


Maternity Clothes? Yes, majority is maternity, but I mix in a few non-maternity pieces, like this recent outfit and this one.  Also picked up some essentials from Target for nursing and the hospital (robe, yoga pants, etc.)

Boy or Girl: Boy! Still considering names to add to our “top five” list.  At the shower, we played a game where guests wrote down a boy name for every letter of the alphabet.  Will look through these to see if any good ones pop out (besides Harry Potter, Usher and YoYoMa, obviously).  Such creative friends/family I have!

Movement: Definitely!  Lots when I’m at my desk at work, and when I am laying down.  I’ve noticed more “drags” in addition to kicks or punches, which is such a weird/cool feeling!

What I did/got for baby: Starting to pack the hospital bag and put finishing touches on the nursery like designing some wall art, getting window treatments up and working on a handmade mobile, along with a bunch of stuff around the house aka major nesting!  Poor T- his “honey do” list is growing a mile a minute!

We were also spoiled by friends/family with the baby shower.  Such thoughtful and generous gifts.

Handmade hat and bootie set from my friend (and fellow blogger) Emily.  Check out her shop here.
Can’t wait to push the little man in this out in the neighborhood!
Also got some hand-me-downs from a friend who has two boys.  Everything is getting washed and put away…and I have a little helper!


Best moment of the week: The baby shower!  Read the recap here.

See the other bump updates here: Week 16 | Week 18 Week 21 | Week 24 | Week 27 | Week 30

And my progress over the past few weeks:

Week 31-32-33

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Maternity Style: Black Dress, Cargo Jacket, Black Boots





IMG_3109*Photos taken at 31 weeks.

Shop the look:
Boots: Target (option on clearance)
Dress: Target
Necklace: c/o Boone Belles (option)
Jacket: Lily Aldridge c/o Shopbop (exact)
Watch: Kate Spade c/o Shopbop (exact)

This maternity outfit combines two of my favorite closet staples: a black dress and a cargo jacket.  I went for a classic look and added black boots and my Kendra Scott-inspired necklace.

Looking for a few more ways to wear a cargo jacket?  Check out this remix, this remix and this outfit and this outfit.

And yes, if you’ve clicked through the links above, you’ll notice this is my third cargo jacket.  I’ve since upgraded it over the years, and feel like I’ve settled with a cut/style that fits me best.  The first from Old Navy was rather shapeless, the second was a Loft one I picked up from a consignment shop, but didn’t fit quite right in the shoulders, but this latest one is great (although I can’t currently zip it up over my bump, but that’s just a temporary thaaang.)

Do you upgrade closet staples?  What have you replaced recently?

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Maternity Style: Pink and Navy




*Photos taken at 31 weeks.

Shop the look:
Shoes: Target (option)
Pants: Rosie Pope c/o Shopbop (exact)
Blouse: H&M Maternity
Blazer: Target (old, but super cute ponte moto jacket version from Target!)

Pink and navy are such a fantastic color combination, and clearly is one of my favorites as seen by this outfit, this one, this one and this one.  But since being pregnant, I haven’t worn the combo very much.  So here’s my pink and navy maternity version.  Boom!

And in other randoms…
1- Have you heard that Stitch Fix just launched maternity and petite sizing?  It sounded like they had a few pieces of each here and there (see my latest Stitch Fix maternity review), but now they carry full lines of items!  Try it out!
2- I’m teaming up with some other bloggers to give away a $750 Amazon gift card (which, let’s face it- is basically the same as cash.  They have everything!)  Contest runs through the end of the month.  Enter here.

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My Top 5 Ways to Relieve Stress


Between working a demanding full-time gig and preparing for Baby P, things have gotten a little stressful and hard to balance.  Lots of things to take care of before the baby arrives, maternity plans at work, getting the house organized, taking time for T and Izzy (and friends/family!) and the list goes on and on and on…

But let’s face it…everyone gets stressed out, but stress isn’t always a bad thing—take, for example, preparing for a baby, having a job interview, planning a wedding, etc.  But it is so beneficial when you can find ways to manage and relieve stress you do have.

My Top 5 Ways to Relieve Stress
I know I feel so much better (clearer mind, lower blood pressure, less tense in my body, etc.) when I can find ways to reduce my stress and relax.  So I put together my top 5 ways to relieve stress to share with you!

1) Pump up the tunes.
I’ll pop pop in my favorite album and jam out.  (And I like to sing/dance, etc. whenever possible—whether it’s in the shower or in the car or at home- I’m all over it.)  It helps me get in a better mood and take my mind off of things.

2) Get in a good sweat session.
If I have time on my calendar at work, I’ll pop into the fitness center and get in a workout.  This is one of the best ways for me to reduce my stress- releasing those endorphins!  Before the work week starts, I’ll take a look at my calendar and schedule in time (whether it’s in the AM, during lunch, or after work) to get moving.  Regardless of when I do it, I feel so much better!

3)  Surround myself with calming scents.
When I feel the stress creeping on, I try to introduce some calming scents to help relax me.  I’m a huge fan of Bath & Body Works candles and stockpile them when they are on sale.  I love their aromatherapy line of scents and will burn one whenever I get the chance.  There’s something so calming about candles…I love it!  And I also have been using a lavender pillow mist before I go to sleep.  The smell is divine and sweeps me away for a peaceful night’s rest.  I’m also really excited to use the lavender hand scrub my Mom made for my baby shower last week.  It smells divine!

prenatal yoga Source

4) Just breathe (and stretch!)
I’ve never been one for yoga, but since I’ve been pregnant, I’ve been taking prenatal yoga classes and have been trying to be mindful and in tune with my breathing.  Taking long, slow inhalations and exhalations does wonders for my stress (and energy) levels.  And taking the time to hold stretches and close my eyes is so beneficial.  I try to do stretching and deep breathing before bedtime to help me turn off my mind.  And I definitely try to sneak in a stretch (and lots of deep breaths) when I am at work and I feel the stress coming on- it’s so simple, but a huge help!

5) Use natural stress relief products
When I’m at work and I can’t get in a workout, light a candle or do yoga in my cubicle, I will reach for a natural stress relief products that will help me de-stress.  I just discovered RESCUE products, which come in a variety of forms: pastilles, sleep liquid melts, pearls and more.  I grabbed the pastilles and keep them at my desk and pop one from time to time.  RESCUE is natural, developed by a doctor and helps you stress less, stay clam and in control.  They are available at CVS, Walgreens and Whole Foods to name a few. (*Note: please consult with your doctor if you are pregnant.)  If you want to give RESCUE a try yourself, head here and download a BOGO coupon and enter their #StressLess sweepstakes!

RESCUE PastillesWhat tips/tricks do you have to manage you stress?

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

Mommy Mailbox Review


Calling all you Mommies (or soon-to-be-Mommies!)  Have you heard of Mommy Mailbox?  It’s a fun monthly subscription services that sends items to make you life better, easier and sweeter.  They fill the boxes with 4-6 products that uplift and reward every mommy.  How fun!

mommy mailbox Source

Products typically retail between $55-75, though the subscription price is $33.95 if you purchase a single month, and as low as $28.95 if you purchase a 12 month subscription (they also over 3 and 6 month options.)

I received the March 2015 Mommy Mailbox, which was curated by blogger Cori Robinson.  Each month, they have a different blogger/momma curate the boxes, which I think is pretty great!  It contained products from Shop Strands, Live and Hope, Saffron Avenue, Two Snooty Chefs and Lehi Valley.

Mommy Mailbox Review- march 2015Not to ironically enough, my favorite items in the box were food-oriented.  The seasoning salt looks so tasty and can be added to a wide variety of dishes, and the chocolate covered cookie dough bites?!  ‘Nuff said.  That one is a winner for any Momma…

Every Momma has to have her caffeine, and to have it out of this uplifting mug is a great way to do it!  And any opportunity you have to a- shower and b- dress in something other than sweats is a win, so adding a fun statement necklace to your outfit will make you feel put together—even if it’s with a simple t-shirt!

Overall, I liked this particular box quite a bit and can see how each item would be great for a Mom. It’s a fun way to treat yourself with a surprise each month, and I love that the items are varied- so it’s not all jewelry, nail polish/beauty, etc.

Want to see some past boxes from Mommy Mailbox? Check out their past boxes here.

mommy mailbox march Source

Disclosure: I was provided with a free Mommy Mailbox to review.  All opinions are my own.

Totally Awesome Amazon Giveaway

Totally Awesome Amazon Giveaway - March 2015

It’s Thursday…Friday is almost in sight!  Is it just me or did this week seem to drag by?  In any case, I’ve got something that is sure to cheer you up: a giveaway for a $750 Amazon Gift Card!  Can you imagine?  The possibilities are endless!

Totally Awesome Amazon Giveaway - March 2015.jpg

Here are the details on the Totally Awesome Amazon Giveaway…

Prize: $750 Amazon Gift Card

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a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck!  I’m curious…what would you get if you won?

Baby Shower Recap!


This past weekend was my baby shower.  It was such a wonderful day, and I enjoyed spending time with family and friends that truly spoiled Baby P.   I’ll let the photos do the talking, but first…let me tell you about what I wore!

In my January clothing budget, I asked for some help on what dress I should wear.  Unfortunately, none of them were quite right on me in person, but luckily, a great British company called Seraphine came to the rescue!  Ladies…if you are pregnant, they have such gorgeous clothes…from maxi dresses to dresses for the office, to formal gowns.  Not to mention they have everything else you could ever need to dress your bump (and even clothing for nursing!)  Plus, they ship worldwide and have free US returns, which is great for us pregnant gals because things fit a little differently from one day to the next!

Anyways, I browsed the website and immediately knew I wanted this dress.  Apparently, a lot of celebrities wear Seraphine clothing, and this dress was no exception.  In fact, the beautiful (and fellow soon-to-be momma to a boy) Carrie Underwood wore this graphic maternity dress:

Carrie Underwood maternity dress

Carrie Underwood maternity dress close up

When I got the dress in the mail, it was even cuter in person.  It was soft and stretchy and contoured the bump.  And the graphic print was slimming, yet the side ruching showed off the bump.  It’s super versatile too- I plan to wear it to the office, and can imagine pairing it with boots (ankle or regular length) and layering with a blazer or fun jacket.




Dress: c/o Seraphine (exact) | Belt: c/o Seraphine (exact) | Tights: Target (exact)

Now onto the shower!  My Mom hosted the event, and every last detail was so cute and thoughtful.  She put so much work into it!  My godmother also helped with some of the decor like the centerpieces.



Adorable party favors for the guests…


(My Mom made these bibs out of my Dad’s old work shirts…how cute is that?!)  And speaking of, here is my Mom and I…IMG_3176
We enjoyed a delicious brunch, played a couple fun games (including baby-themed Price is Right and a boy name game) before opening gifts.  Man oh man, Baby P is one spoiled little guy!  Such generous gifts…I was in awe!  During gift opening, guests also filled out a page with advice for me (and as I read through it this week, I legit cried my eyes out…)  Ahh the hormones! :-)

Guests were asked to bring a book instead of a card so we could stock Baby P’s library…

And he is certainly going to be one well-dressed little guy…


My cousin made this blanket by hand (and a matching hat)!


And so much great baby gear/tools from fellow Mommas!


It was SUCH a wonderful day…looking back on it, I feel so blessed to have such wonderful friends and family in our lives.  I enjoyed every second and I know Baby P did too!

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Shopbop March Sale!


Shopbop sale

Hi there!  Just wanted to drop in and let you know about a great sale going on starting today over at Shopbop.  Here are the details:

Shopbop March Sale
When: Tuesday, March 3 (6:30 EST) to Sunday, March 8 (4am EST)
Save 15% with purchase over $250, 20% with purchase over $500 or 25% with purchase over $1000 (includes EVERYTHING on the site except the Stuart Weitzman brand.)

To get the coupon code, click here.

Shopbop is a great place to find lots of designer brands in one spot.  And it’s HUGE when they have sales, so definitely take advantage!  (The last sale like this was in November.)

As for me, I’ve got a few items on my wish list from some of my favorite designers: Kate, Diane and BB Dakota…

Shopbop March sale
-Kate Spade Laurie Phone Wristlet- perfect to toss in the baby bag without having to carry a purse around!
-Diane von Furstenberg Heritage Print Train Cosmetic Case (on clearance!)- I need a new bag to hold my makeup- this is super cute and functional!
-Kate Spade Classic Nylon Striped Brynne Baby Bag- what can I say, I love me some Kate!
-BB Dakota Camber Cardigan- perfect, casual cardigan to wear as spring rounds the corner
-Diane von Furstenberg Zarita Lace Dress- SO gorgeous for a special occasion…I’ve always adored a fitted lace dress, and this one is perfection!  Comes in nude, black, navy and ivory and even in bright fuschia!
-BB Dakota Lillian Drapey Front Jacket- love this chic, faux leather open front jacket.  And it comes in gray, bone, parchment and black.

What would you get at Shopbop?

Disclosure: I receive a gift card monthly from Shopbop.  I wanted to share this sale because, well, I’m all about finding fun fashions, but always at a great deal!