Urbini Dream Nursery Contest [Sponsored]


I participated in a Blog Blast Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Urbini. I received a promotional item to thank me for my participation.

T and I have been on the hunt for nursery inspiration for Baby P since we found out we were pregnant.  It’s been so fun to come up with color schemes and find items to fill the space!  And today, I’ve got a great contest for all you moms out there that are decorating a nursery: the Urbini Dream Nursery Contest!

More about Urbini and the contest:

Urbini added a new line of nursery furniture to its portfolio, including wooden cribs. To showcase this line, Urbini created the Urbini Dream Nursery Instagram Contest where one lucky winner will have the designer of the new Urbini nursery furniture, Rachel Dacks, come to their home to provide them an Urbini Dream Nursery, including Urbini furniture and décor.

Who can enter?

The folks at Urbini are looking for new moms looking to convert a room into a first time nursery OR for a mom having another child where the nursery needs a bit of updating.  (And don’t worry- if you don’t fit this demographic, you can still take part in promoting the contest for chances to win daily $50 Walmart Gift Cards!)  Look at these beautiful nursery layouts from Urbini—so gorgeous!

What do winners get?

Grand Prize:
One Urbini Crib
-One Urbini Changing Table
-One Urbini 6 Drawer Dresser
-One Urbini Cubi Play Yard

And in addition to the Urbini furniture, the winner will receive a home visit by Urbini designer Rachel Dacks to personally outfit a newly designed nursery!

Second Prize:
Choice of one Urbini Crib

Third Prize:
One Urbini Cubi Play Yard

Sweepstakes Winners:
Each day, one Sweepstakes participant will be randomly selected to win a $50 Walmart Gift Card


How do I enter?

To win the Grand, Second, or Third Prizes, contestants must post an Instagram photo of the room they want to redesign to their personal Instagram account tagging #UrbiniDreamNursery and #Contest.

Enter using the widget below OR through the website: www.UrbiniDreamNursery.com
Urbini Dream Nursery

For all other entry information, including entering to win the daily $50 Walmart Gift Cards, check out https://UrbiniDreamNursery.com.

FYI- The Urbini Dream Nursery Contest is going on NOW and ends Wednesday, March 18. Good luck!


February 2015 Clothing Budget- Maternity Edition


Feb 2015 clothing budget
Feb 2015 budget
February 2015 Clothing Budget- Maternity Edition:
Colorblock baseball tee via J. Crew Factory: $9 (exact); worn here
Maternity vintage-style v-neck tee via Old Navy (exact), paid $13 for all 3 Old Navy items after credit
Active compression leggings via Old Navy (exact)
Maternity active side-smocked top via Old Navy (exact)
Sorel Tofino Cate boots via eBay: $130 (exact, but only one size left, option in another color, option); worn here
Quilted black flats via Payless: $20 (exact)

=$172 for February (although I sold a ton of stuff via eBay and consignment which ended up covering all of this.)

I’m super pleased with these purchases this month.  The baseball tee was such a steal, and I am in need of more casual clothing for when I’m at mat leave with Baby P.  The activewear from Old Navy was a nice addition, since I’ve been working out at least 5 days a week.  Normally, I’d wear one of my old t-shirts, but when I go to yoga class in public, I don’t think people would want to see my belly poking out!  The boots were an upgrade from my old ones, which I sold on eBay.  These go up much higher than my old ones and give me more mobility too, and I plan to keep these around for many winters to come.  Lastly, I replaced my old beat up black flats. This pair from Payless is comfy, supportive and only 20 bucks—I’ll definitely wear these a ton.

And in terms of sponsored or c/o items, I got this cardigan from Shopbop.  And last month, I asked for your opinion on a dress for my baby shower and shortly thereafter, Seraphine offered to let me pick a dress out, and this one was is definitely a winner!  Full post coming soon!

What kinds of things did you purchase this month?

To view my past clothing budgets, click here.

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Inspired by Kate Middleton [Gifted by Boohoo.com]


A few weeks back, Boohoo reached out with a unique request: to put together a “Throwback Thursday” look inspired by a style icon.  I thought it was a fun idea and immediately knew who my style icon was: Kate Middleton!

I absolutely adore her classic style and simple silhouettes.  Super timeless and classy, but always mixing in fun colors and patterns when the occasion is appropriate.  And I think her style hasn’t been sacrificed while she is pregnant either!

So…I got to browsing the Boohoo website.  They have tons of fun items ranging from classic to trendy, and all at a great price point.  They are a British website, and they offer free shipping to the US if you spend $50 (otherwise, it’s just $4.99- not bad at all!)

I ended up selecting two pieces: the Molly Marble Print Mini Bodycon Dress and the Kristy Sketchy Grid Print Kimono.  (As a heads up, though, be sure you watch the sizing conversions and go by the measurements to be safe!)

The kimono was a piece that I was curious to try, since it is more trendy than classic.  But, Kate did wear a kimono print-style dress during a 9-day royal tour of southeast Asia and the South Pacific.  And if Kate can do it, so can I.  Right?!  (I also styled the kimono another way here.)

Kate Middleton kimono inspired look


Kimono: c/o Boohoo | Boots: Target (option) | Dress: Target | Necklace: c/o Pink Blush Maternity | Watch: c/o Shopbop

And Kate seems to be infamous for wearing form fitting or “bodycon” dresses that flatter her figure- even with a bump!  So I found a fun print bodycon dress that was similar and added leggings because, well, it’s frigid in Chicagoland right now.  I love dresses that flatter the bump- it’s definitely something to be proud of!   These photos were taken at 28 weeks, and you can see a side profile shot of the dress here in my bump update post.

Kate Middleton bodycon dress, pregnant
IMG_3032 Dress: c/o Boohoo | Leggings: Old Navy | Heels: DSW (classic option) | Watch: c/o Shopbop

Now if only Kate and I could meet up for baby play dates and be best friends.  The kind of best friends that let each other raid one another’s closets… :-)

Who is your style icon?  Tell me in the comments!

Disclosure: I received the dress and kimono from Boohoo.com. As always, all opinions are my own. 

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Pinspired: Maroon and Black Outfits


Besides black dress pants and leggings and jeans, the only colorful maternity pants I own are maroon corduroys.  And they’ve been getting a ton of wear lately (seen here and here).  Lately, I’ve been gravitating towards wearing lots of neutrals with them.  Take, for example, these two recent outfits:

Shop the look:
Pants: Old Navy (exact, also available in navy/camel)
Jacket: c/o Pink Blush Maternity (also worn here)
Lace Shirt: c/o Pink Blush Maternity

Shop the look:
Pants: Old Navy (exact, also available in navy/camel)
Kimono: c/o BooHoo
Shirt: Lands’ End (exact)
Necklace: Wantable (read review here)

I love the classic look of maroon and black and white.  And it’s not just me!  Check out some other ladies and their maroon and black outfit inspiration:

Maroon and Black Outfit InspirationOne | Two | Three | Four | Five

28-30 weeks maroon and black outfits
And a little side profile shot: 28 weeks on the left, 30.5 weeks on the right.

What other colors would you pair with maroon?

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Week 30 Bump Update


Week 30 Bump Update

How far along are you? Technically, I’m at 30 weeks, 4 days.

How big is baby?: According to The Bump app, Baby P is the size of a cucumber, measuring 15.2-16.7 inches long and weighing in anywhere from 2.5 to 3.8 pounds!  His skin is getting smoother and he is strong enough to grasp a finger!

Symptoms: Bump is definitely a-growing and random strangers will ask me when my due date is- I love it!  In terms of symptoms, definitely getting pretty tired now that the energy from the 2nd trimester has passed.  Braxton Hicks contractions have started (it feels like my stomach is clenching itself like a fist, then letting go…very odd!)  Also having some lower back pain due to extra weight from baby.  And not gonna lie- it’s tough to put on pants and shoes…bending over is starting to get a little uncomfortable!

Sleeping: Sleep is hard to come by these days.  Over the weekend, I got a head cold (mainly congestion, which I heard is common at this point) and as a result, slept very little.  But overall, I’ve been waking up a bit more throughout the night and can’t seem to turn off my mind when it comes time to go to sleep, and I’ll wake up either from a weird dream or just with tons of thoughts in my head.  I’ve read that it’s normal for Mommas-to-be to do this, but I need to try and find ways to calm my mind a bit better!  I’m trying lavender pillow spray and some yoga/stretching poses, which seem to help.

Cravings/Aversions?  Still have quite an appetite and love berries, carbs and dairy.  And Poptarts as of lately (they were on sale and I stocked up…now I’m addicted.  Whoops.)  Also, I would like to start making meals to store in the freezer.  Any recommendations?

Fears: Just scared about the labor/delivery process and hope it goes smoothly…we have our childbirth class in a couple weeks, so maybe that will help put my mind at ease–or freak me out more?!  And hope we don’t have a colicky baby…it’s enough of a challenge to care for another tiny human, let alone one that will cry constantly and you feel like you have no way to soothe him!

Miss Anything?  I’m such a busy body, so I miss having all the energy to do everything I used to do in a typical day.  But, Baby P is already telling me to slow down and enjoy being in the moment, which I’m starting to focus on more and more these days.

Generally Feeling:  Just so blessed.  I can’t believe that we will have a little guy…a SON to hold and the title of “parent.”  Just feeling emotional and so overwhelmed with happiness at it all.  Just in awe.

Other happenings?

-Pregnancy is in the air!  My close friend from college is (and bridesmaid) is due in July…my boss and coworker are also pregnant (3 out of the 5 of us on our team- wow!), plus several colleagues at work.  Crazy!

-Doctors appointments are now every two weeks (as opposed to four).

-We also have a couple 1st birthday parties for friends’ babies coming up (I am eagerly awaiting the smash cake portion…my favorite!)

Looking Forward To: Baby P sure is loved already…we have three showers coming up in the month of March and I’m really excited to be able to celebrate with close family and friends!  T’s parents also treated us to a mini getaway at Lake Geneva, and we are taking a long weekend this weekend to relax!  AND I get to be pampered with a mani/pedi and my first prenatal massage at the spa!

What I’ve Been Loving: Being able to workout really makes me feel so good- sweating, activating my muscles and just moving around works wonders, I tell ya!  I’ve been doing 3 mile walks 2-3 times a week (mostly at our company gym when my calendar is open), along with one day a week doing run/walk intervals while I still can, and then either yoga and/or my Tracey Anderson prenatal DVDs for strength/flexibility.

Maternity Clothes? You betcha!  Now that I’ve got 10 weeks (or less) to go, I’m putting a halt on purchasing more maternity clothes.  But I did treat myself to a few workout pieces from Old Navy as a treat since I am keeping up with my workout routine (and I typically wear workout clothes to lounge around the house on weekends/after work.)  They will be in my February budget.  Also, last month, I needed your help deciding on a dress for the shower(s), and I did end up finding one!  More to come later

Boy or Girl: It’s a boy!  So excited to meet our little man!  During our drive to Florida for the babymoon, T and I got were able to brainstorm names a bit.  We have a few picked out, and unless another one comes to us, I think we are going to stick with those and wait until we meet our little man in person before picking one of them.  Gotta pick the name that suits him best, right?!

2015-02-13 09.19.12_resized

Movement: Lots of kicks and punches…I love feeling those :-)

What I did/got for baby: Still waiting on the glider/ottoman (A tad frustrated with Buy Buy Baby at the moment but I digress!)  I look forward to sitting there, reading books and just envisioning what it will be like when the little guy arrives!  On the nursery front, we are going with light gray, white, navy and red in the nursery.

A friend of mine also hooked me up with a ton of her baby clothes (she has two boys).  So thoughtful of her!

Best moment of the week: Realizing that I’m literally in the final stretch, and that I will have a little guy to hold in my arms before too long! And take a peek at the difference from 8 weeks to 30…lots of growing in there!

Week 8 vs 30

And my progress over the past few weeks:

Week 28-29-30
See the other bump updates here: Week 16 | Week 18 Week 21 | Week 24 | Week 27

And I had a little fun last night stringing together all of the bump photos I’ve taken thus far…neat to see the progress!

Week 8-30 Bumpies

Insta-lately (February- Part 2)


It’s Monday again (how did that happen?!) so figured I’d do a second installment of “insta-lately.”  (In case you missed last week’s here it is.)  Enjoy!

First up, I’ve been spending a lot of time in the kitchen, and recently whipped up these Healthy Blueberry Streusel Muffins from Hungry Girl.  Definitely tasty, but I could taste the texture of the whole wheat flour (maybe I’m more alert of it being pregnant or something?!), which I didn’t care for.  I might try them again with all purpose flour so they are a bit smoother to me…

Got this Refresh VoxBox courtesy of Influenster (want to be a part of Influenster?  Leave me a note in the comments.)  It has tons of goodies that I can’t wait to try: Beanitos Chips, Covergirl UltraSmooth Foundation, L’Occitane Shea Butter Light Comforting Cream, Orgain Certified Organic Nutritional Shake, Montagne Jeunesse Face Masque, Skinnygirl Nutrition Bars, Listerine Pocketpaks and DenTek Flossers.

I’ve really been getting into the workout groove, and at 30 weeks pregnant, hoping I can keep it up!  I just feel so much better when I am able to sweat and activate my muscles.  I try to do something 5-6 days a week.  Typically, I’ll do one day of the Tracey Anderson prenatal DVDs, one day of run/walk intervals, and a few days of walking for 45 minutes on the treadmill (usually at work if I can squeeze it in…by the time I get home, I’m too tired to workout!)  Then occasionally, I’ll through in a prenatal yoga DVD or class.

Clearly, I’m focused on food as of lately (I’m blaming it on Baby P!)  Just picked up this new flavor from Chobani: Salted Caramel Crunch– and it is HEAVENLY!  It’s like dessert in a cup.  Seriously, go try it for yourself.  (They also had a chocolate hazelnut flavor, but I wasn’t crazy about it.)

Not sure what it is, but sleep is a hard thing to come by these days.  So I’ve been spending the time catching up on my guilty pleasure: Real Housewives.  Naturally– what would you expect?!

What have you been up to lately?  Last thing you baked? Weekly workout routine?  Tell me in the comments!

Boots with the Fur

29 weeks
IMG_3055*Photos taken at 29 weeks.

Shop the look:
Sweater: Target (exact…and it’s on clearance in several colors!)
Scarf: J. Crew Factory (similar on sale)
Leggings: Motherhood Maternity (exact)
Boots: Sorel Tofino Cate (exact, but only one size left, option in another color, option)

Talk about being comfy from head to toe!  I wore this out for a quick lunch with a friend when it was rather chilly outside.  The waffleweave tunic sweater is nice and warm, and I added a pink scarf for some contrast (and let’s be honest–to match it to my new boots!)

I was on the hunt for a nice pair of boots, and was lucky enough to find these bad boys from Sorel. I had sold my previous pair on eBay and applied the funds to purchase these.  Problem is- they are super hard to find and available in limited sizes.  But…I ended up getting them on eBay for $20 less than retail (score!) The colors and design are definitely my style and, and the cut of the boot makes my size 9 feet look pretty tiny believe it or not!  Gotta love those boots with the furrrrr…

I’ll probably wear this outfit again this weekend for Valentine’s Day.  Because let’s face it: I’m all about comfort these days.  And it’s just enough of a subtle hint of pink.  And T and I plan to run a few errands, park it on the couch, eat homemade cheesecake and binge watch House of Cards.  I’m just being honest.  What are your plans?

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Pinspired: Wear a Dress as a Skirt

Wearing a dress as a skirt

sweater over a maroon dress
Shop the look:
Ponte Shift Dress: Target (option on clearance, another option on clearance, cute short sleeve sweater option)
Sweater: J.Crew Factory (exact)
Necklace: Le Tote (exact)
Shoes: Open toe: Naturalizer via Saver’s (exact) | Leopard heels: Target (option)
Earrings: Wantable (review here)

In the past, I wore this maroon dress more like a dress– with a blazer, cardigan and white button-up and again in a Pinspired option with navy/cognac accessories.  But after seeing Franish’s post, I decided to wear this dress as a skirt by layering a sweater over it.  (As you can probably tell, these photos were before I was pregnant…obviously.  And when I could wear open toed shoes.)

So there you go.  It really goes to show how a dress can be styled in tons of ways.  Yay for versatility!

What kinds of clothing tricks do you have up your sleeve?  (pun intended)

PS- Don’t forget to enter to win a $400 Target gift card- yes, $400 buckaroos!  Enter here.

Wearing a dress as a skirtSource: Franish

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Insta-lately (February- Part 1)


Happy Monday friends!  No outfit post today, but wanted to share some of the recent action that has been happening on Instagram (because you know if you don’t put it up there, it doesn’t happen…clearly.)

Don’t follow me?  Please do! @stylefilesvalerie

Annnd…if you follow me, you’ve automatically got one entry into a $400 Target gift card giveaway!  Make it official and get a bunch more entries here.

IMG_20150201_191047A couple weekends ago, T and I decided to paint our kitchen (nesting much?!)  When we bought our home, we went with a bold, vibrant red.  It was really pretty against the white cabinets, but after a few years, we were ready for a change.  It was a quick weekend project, cost about $30 and makes a HUGE world of difference.  I don’t have before/after shots, except this one in the sitting area, but I LOVE the gray we went with.  It’s so clean, modern and fresh.  Really opens up the space!

Recently tried out another Pinterest recipe: Loaded Cauliflower & Chicken Casserole (source).  Super tasty…almost like a loaded baked potato!  Nice way to get in those veggies, too!

I’ve been rocking out to Pentatonix’s latest album: while I cook, clean or am on the treadmill- you name it.  (Baby P loves it too.) They are an a capella group that won the (first?) season of NBC’s The Sing Off and just yesterday, they won a Grammy.  They are seriously legit.  I pretend I’m in their group and sing and dance along…just glad no one is watching.  Oh, and did I mention they will be appearing in Pitch Perfect 2 coming out this summer?!  I cannot wait!

And lastly, that face.  I just can’t.  Turns out Izzy isn’t a water-lovin dog…she is a snow princess!  She’ll bulldoze her way through the snow with her nose and throw herself snow in the air and catch (and eat) it.  Such a cute fur baby.

What’s going on with you?  Any fun projects? Last delish thing you ate? What are you listening to?

Maternity Style at the Office with Pink Blush Maternity


Pink Blush Maternity 1
Pink Blush Maternity 2
Pink Blush Maternity 3
Pink Blush Maternity 4
Pink Blush Maternity 5
Pink Blush Maternity 6
Pink Blush Maternity 7

*Photos taken at 27 Weeks.

Items c/o Pink Blush Maternity:
-Aqua Heathered Open Maternity Cardigan
-Neon Yellow Black Jewel Rhinestone Accent Necklace Earring Set
-Black Lace Fitted Maternity Top
-Black Leather Accent Knit Cropped Maternity Jacket

Dressing the bump isn’t always easy.  I mean, sure, it’d be easy for me if I could wear yoga pants every day, but I work in an office so I have to set up my game when it comes to my wardrobe.  But I don’t like to spend a ton of money on pieces I’m only going to wear a handful of times.  So when I discovered Pink Blush Maternity, I was so excited because 1- they have super cute pieces and 2- they don’t break the bank.  They constantly have specials and discounts going on, and they have a HUGE selection not to mention excellent customer service.  I had to exchange two of the tops for a larger size, and when I reached out to them, they responded lightning fast and sent out replacements immediately (even before they received the two items from me!)

I love all of these pieces and can envision countless ways to remix them all!  Which look is your favorite?  I really like the jacket- the leather accent detailing is so much fun!

I also featured some casual pieces from Pink Blush Maternity on Tuesday.  Click here to check it out.

PS- Don’t forget to enter to win a $400 Target gift card- yes, $400 buckaroos!  Enter here.

PPS- I almost always wear my hair straight.  But occasionally, I try to curl it (typically when I have two-day old hair and I’m trying to stop washing it daily so it doesn’t get greasy.  Counter intuitive, I know.)  And I had a particularly good hair day when my hair was holding curls really well, so I’m glad I had outfit photos to document it and take part in Audrey’s Putting Me Together Style Challenge this week. Score!

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Pinspired: Black Dress and Plaid Tartan Scarf and Target Gift Card Giveaway



Pinspired- Black Dress, Plaid Tartan Scarf Pinspiration: Franish (post here)
*Photos taken at 27 weeks.

I love the simplicity of this look.  I recently pinned this from Fran and knew I could recreate it- maternity style of course!  I’ve worn this black maternity dress a number of times already, but never streamlined it with black tights and boots.  I added the red scarf and earrings for a pop of color, and to draw out the red in the plaid/tartan scarf.  I tried to wear it a number of ways (the scarf is HUGE), but I think I like the first version best…what do you think?

Shop the look:
Dress: Target (maternity exact, non-maternity option)
Tights: Target (exact in maternity)
Boots: Target (similar on clearance right now)
Belt: Old Navy (exact)
Scarf: won via Boone Belles (similar, similar)

And in other exciting news, I’m teaming up with some fellow Instagrammers to giveaway a $400 Target gift card.  Imagine the possibilities!  ‘Nuff said.

Target Giveaway (Instagram).PNG


Prize: $400 Target Gift Card

Giveaway organized by: Oh My Gosh Beck!

Rules: Use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter daily. Giveaway ends 3/4 and is open worldwide. Winner will be notified via email.

Are you a blogger who wants to participate in giveaways like these to grow your blog? Click here to find out how you can join a totally awesome group of bloggers!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Babymoon at Hilton Sandestin Beach Golf Resort and Spa


A little while ago, I was lucky enough to win a trip to the Hilton Sandestin Beach Golf Resort & Spa in Destin, Florida from blogger friend Beth at Mommy on a Shoestring.  T and I made a lovely babymoon out of it and enjoyed a few days away to rest and relax before Baby P arrived!  Although we went in their “off season,” which meant some remodeling was being done, outdoor restaurants were closed, etc., we still had a fabulous time and had practically the entire beach and resort to ourselves.  It was mid 60s when we were there (which felt downright balmy to us Chicagoans), and I still managed to get some color so I was happy about that!

Ok enough typing, I’ll let the photos do the recap!

First off, the room was great.  We were in the Spa Tower on the top floor in a HUGE room with a lovely Floridian feel…and there was a separate sink area outside the bathroom with a speaker that would project whatever was on the TV.

Hilton Sandestin Room
And we had a great view….never got sick of hearing the waves and breathing in that fresh air!

View from Spa Tower, Hilton Sandestin Resort
The grounds were quiet and empty, but gorgeous!  Perfect for the taking.  And everything from the furniture to the decor was so hip and trendy…

Hilton Sandestin Resort- grounds
It was a lovely stay, with delicious food, relaxation and some warm-ish weather and picturesque views.  Couldn’t ask for more!

Hilton Sandestin babymoon
And what kind of “style blogger” would I be if I didn’t document some outfit photos?!

Dress: Banana Republic Outlet (non-maternity) | Jacket: c/o Shopbop (exact)


Dress: Old Navy Maternity (exact) | Necklace: Wantable (read my review here)


Sweater: Target (exact- on SUPER clearance!) | Top: Motherhood Maternity | Leggings: Motherhood Maternity (exact)

Thanks to the folks at the Hilton Sandestin Beach Golf Resort & Spa and to Beth for the lovely babymoon!


Teal and Red: Pink Blush Maternity


IMG_3003*Photos taken at 27 weeks.

Shop the look:
Teal Red Printed 3/4 Sleeve Fitted Maternity Top: c/o Pink Blush Maternity (exact)
Navy Blue Maternity Skinny Jeans: c/o Pink Blush Maternity (exact)
Cardigan: Target (similar, similar), worn  here
Boots: Aldo (similar, similar, similar)
Kendra Scott-inspired earrings: won via Boone Belles (similar, similar), worn here

Today’s outfit features some fun maternity items from a brand I recently discovered: Pink Blush Maternity.  They have tons of stylish and affordable maternity and non-maternity items.  The folks there let me pick out a few pieces, some of which I am wearing in the outfit photos above (the others will be featured later this week!)  I was able to make a few outfits out of these pieces, and this outfit is the most casual of them.

I picked out this fitted maternity top because A- I love to show off the bump (when else can ya?!) and B- I loved the print.  And until recently, I really haven’t owned a ton of red so I was hoping to add something to expand my color options in my wardrobe.  Then I added a cardigan and drop earrings in red to make the red in the top pop.  And the maternity jeans tucked into cognac boots were the perfect way to complete the look!  Comfy and stylish…can’t beat that!

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January 2015 Clothing Budget- Maternity Edition


Jan 2015 clothing maternity budget

Jan budget

January 2015 Clothing Budget- Maternity Edition:

Colibri Plaid Printed Tab-Sleeve Shirt via Stitch Fix: $3 after credit (see my review here)
Short sleeve fitted crew neck tees in black, white via Lands’ End: $18 (exact)
Lily Aldridge for Velvet Olive Jacket via Shopbop: $10.40 after credit (exact)

=$31.40 for January

I’m pleased that I kept my spending down this month!  The plaid shirt was too cheap not to keep after my credits, and the Lands’ End tees were part of my order with a dress (below) to get free shipping, and I needed these basic replacements anyways.  The olive jacket is an upgrade to my old one, since the fit on it was always so-so.  I actually got the navy version of the jacket c/o Shopbop with credits this month and liked it so much that it prompted me to get it in olive (see on Instagram here).

Last month, I resolved for the new year to keep spending down quite a bit, and the only item I really had on my wish list was a dress for the baby shower.  I ended up ordering a few options and plan to return what doesn’t work.  Here’s what I’m working with so far…HELP!

maternity baby shower dress options
From left to right:
-3/4 Sleeve Knit Dress (Target, on clearance)- love the  3/4 sleeves and ordered it in this teal, navy and pink color.  Just hope it’s not too short…that’s the last thing I want to worry about!

-Short Sleeve Lacy Overlay Dress (Target)- I adore lace dresses, but think I’ll get cold and may want a bit more coverage…plus not sure it will look flattering on me- I prefer tie waists/belts.

-Chester Place Dress (Deloom.com)- This is non-maternity, but I love the color, sleeve length and bow tie belt.  Thinking I’d wear it with leggings since it will still be chilly out at time of shower.

-Pattern matte Jersey Surplice Dress (Lands’ End, on clearance)- Also non-maternity, but saw it on MK at 39 weeks pregnant, and thought it’d be versatile post-baby.  But again, it’s sleeveless so would have to wear a cardi or blazer over it…

-Long Sleeve Striped Maternity Dress (Motherhood Maternity, on sale)-  Great price point, love the long sleeves and form fitting cut, but wondering if the angled stripes would make me look even more…round?

So…help me decide!  Which do you like best?

To view my past clothing budgets, click here.

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Pure Barre’s Love Your Body Day on Feb 14th

Pure Barre Love Your Body Day

Pure Barre Love Your Body DaySource

I’ve you’ve been reading my blog, you know I’m a fan of Pure Barre.  So I wanted to share a unique promotion happening this Valentine’s Day…check it out!

Show your body some love this Valentine’s Day and make a date with the barre! Pure Barre is teaming up with HEALTH Magazine to help women (and men) across the country feel strong, healthy, and confident at the first ever Love Your Body Day. Pure Barre studios around the country will be offering a free class and some goodies from HEALTH’s fabulous partners. Click here for list of participating studios nationwide. Register for any class on February 14, 2015 using the promo code LOVEYOURBODY.  (If you have any trouble getting registered for class, please feel free to contact your local studio.)  I know my local studio has added classes to their schedule in anticipation of a huge turn out and will also have a bunch of vendors in the studio to offer giveaways after every class to make the day even more fun!

So if you have always been curious to try a class- now is the perfect time!

This post is in partnership with Pure Barre Deerfield.